Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran


Articles on Terrorism of Islamic Regime of Iran

Unnoticed Bombshell, By Michael Ledeen

A Matter of Perspective: The United States and Iran, By Ron Jacob

Biden Buddies Up To Pro-Iran Lobby, By Kenneth R. Timmerman

A Critique of By Michael Rubin: Broken Record   (Persian Translation)

A Critical Review of US Policy Towards Terrorism: Deeds vs. Words, By Mohammad Parvin

U.S. Traces Iran's Ties to Terror Through a Lebaneseby JAMES RISEN

Enemy of My Enemy, By WILLIAM SAFIRE

Iran's Policy on Terrorism in the 1990s, by Ely Karmon, ICT Senior Research Scholar

Petition on Terrorism

 Letters and Press Releases on Terrorism of Islamic Regime of Iran

MEHR’s Press Release on Terrorist Attack on U.S.

MEHR’s Letter to President Bush Regarding Terrorist Attack

MEHR’s Letter to Tony Blair Regarding the terrorist activities of Islamic Regimes  ;  (Persian Translation)

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